The purpose of my book.

Okay, so I’m an ordinary guy right? Yeah, you know I may have quick wits and keen charisma.. Ha moving on.  Anyway, the purpose of my book is to reveal what true zen is, how to practice, and what to expect. I am going to give a brutally honest account of my personal life, and how no nonsense zen  became a master key to freedom for this ordinary guy.  I feel as though even if ypu have no interest in zen; you will however have interest in many aspects of the journey described within. We are going to talk about religion, especially christianity, politics, sex, drugs, rock and roll, human rights, problems, family, contradictions, marriage, society, what it all means and how to make it make sense. With that in mind, having covered men, and the middle aged, middle class. Now I must appeal to women in general. We will also be talking about the biggest obstacle in this ordinary guys existence… Endless, listless love. So stay tuned, spread the word and keep the love, even if you lose faith. This ordinary guy would greatly appreciate it.


2 Responses to “The purpose of my book.”

  1. Good luck in every thing pertaining to your blog!

  2. Thank you mother. Much peace and love to you and dad.

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