that special time of year

brad warner, zen priest among other things is currently in Knoxville, TN. For those of you who know anything about zen buddhism, know that warner is a type of celebrity in the realm of zen. Why exactly is mr. Warner in Knoxville? His sister lives here, and its christmas. thus giving example that christmas is much more than a holiday, but a homecoming for all peoples regardless of faith. p.s mr. Warner if you want to do some good; you may want to stop by losel shedrup ling off of kingston pike. You know not all of us have the means to study under nishijima roshi.


2 Responses to “that special time of year”

  1. You should have written me directly. I will be in Knoxville again, though I don’t know exactly when. I’ve made a few attempts at finding places to lecture or hold retreats there. But nothing ever came of any of my efforts. So I figured nobody was interested.

  2. Greetings, mr. warner. I do hope you enjoyed your stay. I would like to be informed if possible upon your return. Zen, is a small, and scattered practice here in knoxville. Im sure if you contact losel shedrup ling, they would be more than happt to have you lecture. I, for one, would be greatly interested no matter what the format or forum. Keep up the good work, friend.

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