The start of a journey

I have given much thought to why there is such watered down zen teaching here in the west. The simple answer is that zen is taught by people who do not actually practice zen, but rather rely on an intellectual grasp of zen.. Which is not zen at all. You see, you can not reason zen. You practice zen and that spawns reason. You can not grasp it, much like time, it is here and then gone. You can not contain it, you can only be in harmony with it. Its like trying to describe the sound the wind just made, but before you can utter the wind has spoke again and what it last said is intellectually lost.. Still yet discerned and all very real. You see when we reflect on the past, we suddenly stop listening to the now. We no longer see the beauty, the oppurtunities, and most importantly the reality of now. Your past is like a walk in the chill of the wind, yet when you step inside your home; the wind of the past is gone but for a time the chill remains. Thus we need not remember the wind, for the chill is with us still. Your past has brought you to where you are, and where you are is of great importance. For if we live in the now, we can have some say in shaping our future. Thus a painting of the wind, is not the wind at all. an intellectual understanding of zen, is not zen at all. So why stare at a wall? There are endless reasons.. But I can tell you as someone who practices zen on a daily basis.. That the wall is a mirror for me to see much more than just my reflection. It enables me to see the truth that I miss in my busy routine. Ergo, I would suggest to anyone interested in zen buddhism, to understand that unless you actually practice you will never understand. Study is fine, action is better. You will be surprised how much ofyour own life, that you are taking for granted.


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