Living within your means.

Some of us have to learn the hard way; that was my typical answer to tough questions a year ago. You see, a year ago I was pretty much in the same situation atleast as far as circumstances are concerned. Circumstances however impacted me in a different way then. I allowed them too much of my energy and focus. I found though, that the harder I tried to control the situations I had no control over, the more problematic they became. Since that time, I have completely stopped worrying about those situations, and have seen them dramatically improve. I have quit smoking in the mean time, got in the best shape of my life, and ultimately have found more happiness than I imagined one could have without the one they love. The key is not to live beyond your means in any area if your life. We often think of this as in financial terms, but it extends into every area of our lives. We live beyond our means socially, emotionally, and physically. If you take the time to look, you will probably find a need fir drastic iverhaul in your own life. After all, you have to work and sleep. Then chances are you may be married. Now, how much time do you have left? We havent even factored in religion, friendships, traffic.. And a hobby? Please do yourself a favor, practice zen and avoid dying before your time


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